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Let's Go Shopping!

Hi, so since I'm moving I need to sell all of my stuff to make moving easier and so I have money in college.

very single thing here is in new or like new condition. :D

Everything is in USD

W.I.T.C.H. Graphic Novels
- I have all of them and the entire set is $20 + Shipping or you can get each separately for $5.

Loveless Manga
- I only have 2 through 7 for some reason. The whole lot is $35 + Shipping or you can get each separately for $6.

Pokemon Cards
- I have a metric shitton of Pokemon cards and I'm going to just put them at a price of 50 cents for 15 cards.

Various Chemistry Text Books
- Why are these even here. All of them are like I just bought them yesterday and most are between high school and college level. There isn't any writing in any of them and the prices will go from $5 to $20 + shipping.

Clay Doo Dads
- I'll take most commissions as long as they aren't living things. I have a ton of silver clay that I'd like to use up :D

Cosplay Acessories - I can make small accessories for your cosplay needs. I've made an Underground Badge [Jak and Daxter], Medusa's Nails [Soul Eater], Team Dia Gurren Tie [Gurren Lagann], and Torn's boots [Jak and Daxter].

Torn's Boots [From Jak II]- Yup, these need to go. They've been sitting under some stuff in my closet for a while, so I'll tidy them up for you before I let them go. They will cost $30 + shipping.

Stuffed Animals - Do you have any kid brothers or sisters? Why don't you get them some stuffed animals? :D As I said before, these are all in new or like new condition, that means that some of them still have the tags on them. You can get three small ones for $10 or three big ones for $20.

Random Cosplay - I honestly don't know where the hell this thing is from, but someone shoved it in my face at Radcon. It looks like it would fit a really tall person [Taller than 5 foot 4 maybe?] because it drags when I pull the bottoms up to my chest. Someone told me that it's a character from an anime called The Game, but I'm not familiar with it. The cosplay includes a skirt type thing, one of those cool belts that tie into a bow at the back, a jacket that reminds me of Brief's outfit, headgear, grey and white gloves, and arm/leg guards. I have no idea how much that thing will cost to ship, but I think I'll sell it for $60 because I'm about to go to college and I'll need money. ;A;

Sketches [This one is just so I can make some money derp]- I can do sketches for any character ever excluding males and characters based on photographs of people. For some reason, I just can't transfer still life to paper. You will even get an awesome monkey sticker that I need to get rid of! These will all have a price of $2 flat.


Out Of Character Information!
NAME;; Kuki
AIM/YIM/MSN;; tehkukikookie
EMAIL;; kuki1234207[at]gmail[dot]com

Nia Teppelin

In Character Information!
Nia Teppelin
CHARACTER JOURNAL;; firstimersluck
Nia Teppelin
Gurren Lagann

Nia Teppelin stands at about five foot one with a petit build. Her hair is long, wavy powder blue and pale yellow hair. Her eyes are a brilliant blue with a bold pink pupil in the center. She regularly wears a pink outfit that consists of a sleeveless tunic with a section cut out just at her waist in the front. Beneath it, she wears a short white skirt that may or may not have a petticoat. Her jewelry is radiant and has a distinct look of something from royalty each with red and green jewels on them. As for headgear, she has a large pink flower and a white cloth all attached to her head with a golden headband.
PERSONALITY;; (Two paragraph's minimum)
HISTORY;; (Keep in mind that not everyone knows your character, so make it informative)



Medusa Gorgon Nails

Medusa Gorgon Pictures, Images and Photos

So for Radcon 5C, I cosplayed as Medusa Gorgon from Soul Eater. I thought that her outfit would be my best bet for getting something done on time because the steampunk stuff I'd ordered is still yet to arrive. I was right, the jumpsuit took almost no time at all, even less after I found the nifty little hem setting on my sewing machine.

See? I just got off track. I CAN DO THIS. P.S. You can get these nails wet, unlike other varieties.

1. Buy some fake nails because this takes a hell of a long time to do and you would need some steady fingers to apply the arrows to yourself. I found some cheep three dollar ones [Broadway Nails - Short Length] at a local shop. 
2. Size them and lay them out in order, filing and clipping if necessary.
3. Gather ten toothpicks and wrap a roll of tape around the tip of each loosely. Now, stick the nail on and use another piece of tape to hold the first bit up.
4. Paint them black [two to three coats depending on the quality of your polish] and give them some time to dry. You can start cutting out the arrows at this time if you'd like to.
5. Making those tiny little arrows might look a bit tricky, but all you need is a steady hand, patience, and a lot of yellow paper. I used kids' scissors because I found them easier to control. Just cut them out accordingly and lay them to the side. 
6. I used carpenter's wood glue [Elmer's brand] for this part, so I'm not entirely sure how this will work with other varieties. Take the tiniest bit of glue in the world and rub it between two fingers. Now wipe it on the arrow and stick it to the DRIED nails.
7. These won't take that long to dry, but I'd still give them half an hour.
8. After they are completely dry, take a bit more of the glue and spread it very thinly over the arrow and the nail. This is so the top coat doesn't alter the appearance of the arrows. Let it dry completely.
9. Spread a coat of the top coat over the entire nail.
10. Use the included glue and wear your nails in style!


Complied CR List


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The Lobster Post

Guess what time it is?

Time for your daily  dose of Lobster by Guillaume Lecasble! 8D It's not quite NC-17 yet, but if you're squicked by bestiality, this isn't for you. :|a

Post 1 - Introduction
Post 2 - Part One [Hnng I was so tired so have my no-glasses-and-tired-voice.] And this one has to be downloaded. I'm still trying to find a good voice recording thingy. >>

Route 26

Name:  Kuki
Livejournal Username:  munchiemunch123
E-mail:  kuki1234207 [at]gmail[dot]com
AIM/MSN:  AIM @ tehkukikookie
Timezone:  Pacific
Current Characters in Route: Not applicable

Name: Jinx
Series: Jak and Daxter
Timeline: Mid Jak 3
Canon Resource Links:
First Meeting
Second Meeting
Escort Jinx Part 1 (Begins at 8:18)
Escort Jinx Part 2

Affiliation: Trainer

Jinx can be described as…Okay, not even Jinx can describe himself. And it’s not just because he is a generally laid back person. Jinx really doesn’t have a care in the world besides his precious fireworks and any possibility of getting lucky. He’s not a big fan of personal hygiene and, to say the least, he can be smelled from a mile away at the very least. And going back to his explosives, the relationship Jinx has with these things can easily be described as either an extreme obsession, or some unique fetish. The first thing that crosses his mind in any situation is how and if he can make the nearest object to his person explode and how large the said explosion would be. The interesting thing is that Jinx isn’t just an explosion waiting to happen. He can be incredibly intelligent when he wants to be, which isn’t very often, and is a pretty quick thinker. That’s what you get when you have to make decisions to run in half a second. He is motivated almost completely by immediate gratification, and that is a good starting point for his regular habits.

On a normal day, Jinx’s personality tends to fall in the ‘lazy’ and ‘reckless’ categories. This is a particularly bad combination if you remember what Jinx considers good entertainment. He’s loud and obnoxious and might just say nonsensical garbage over the communication system for shits and giggles. Speaking of being an asshole, Jinx has very little tact. In fact, he is also extremely sarcastic and may come off as a complete asshole to some.

Jinx whole heartedly respects about two living people in all of Haven City. Krew because he was the one that took Jinx in when he was forced to live on the streets, and Torn because he thinks that, for what the ex-Krimzon Guardsman is doing, he deserves a bit of reverence. On the flipside, those that aren’t completely respected by Jinx are doomed to pranks that may involve whipped cream.
Lastly, Jinx wants to impress his peers. It’s something that has been a big part of his life since he was just a little boy, so it’s not something that will just go away. However, now that he’s older, he can use it as a trampoline to get into everyone’s pants. Good plan? Not when your Steps to Getting Lucky include “slapping their ass” and “making kissy faces at them”.

So, if we were to put Jinx in a few words, they would be “Reckless”, “Lazy”, and “Obnoxious”. Though, his heart is in the right place.

+ It really isn't a stretch to assume that he is the best explosives technician and mechanical engineer in all of Haven City. He started with Krew, then moved on to the Underground. Not many citizens even have a chance with just one job in that hellhole.
+ He's confident in himself and will say whatever floats into his mind, no matter how moronic it is.
+ He has plenty of experience with being a thief and just an overall bad person.
+ Jinx can drink you under the table and tell awesome jokes at the same time.

- Being a chain smoker, he really can't run long distances.
- he is annoying as all hell and doesn't seem to realize it.
- He might excel in the sciences, but he's as dumb as a brick when it comes to everything else.
- He straddles the line between good and evil.
- He can drink you under the table then accidentally injure himself or someone else.
- Jinx has a one track mind; once he starts something there's no way in hell that he's stopping.

Starter: Voltorb ["Fucker"]

Password: Seasalt Icecream

(Please note that both samples must take place in Route_29’s setting.)

First Person Sample:
[A communicator buzzes to life before a brief moment of a white noise. The technology here isn’t anything like that of Haven City’s. After pounding a few buttons, then pounding all the buttons, Jinx finally gets the PokeGear into the video mode. He points the camera at his face and makes sure that his ears are in full view just in case any Havenites out there want to rescue him.]

‘Kay, boys. Nice prank ya’ got here. It’s sweet that you put so much thought into this, but it’s really getting’ old now.

[Leaning on his bed, he notices that small red and white orb. It kind of looks like one of those floats he’s seen people use for fishing. But wait… Since when do fishing floats move by themselves?]

Jus’ tell me what th’ fuck’s goin’ on an’ why there’s music in my house. Actually, let’s just cut ta’ th’ chase an’ tell me how ta’ leave.

[His words come out a bit quicker that he wanted it to.]

Third Person Sample:

You know what? Jinx has only been in this shit-hole for one day and he's already ready to pack up his things and find the nearest exit. Actually, no. If this place works anything like his last job back in Haven or any of the other pointless shit he was forced to do in that Marforsaken city, he's going to be stuck here until he is fatally wounded. He was destined to die since the day he left the house he grew up in. Though he really didn’t have a choice when it came to that, he did choose to make the best of that shitty situation.

Sitting on his bed, Jinx looks over to that red and white object. It really is the most unique thing he has ever seen. It has eyes, it seems to be rolling around, and it's obviously sentient. Okay, it's not a MetalHead and he isn't going to run away screaming, but it certainly isn't a human. "Fuck dammit." He really just hopes that the Voltorb can understand Common. "What th' fuck are ya', anyways?"

"Voltorb." Dumbfounded, Jinx kicks the poor thing into a wall and dents it just a bit. It's a real shame that Jinx doesn't know what this Pokemon is capable of because as soon as it hits the wall, it implodes in to a pile of dust. Being the pyromaniac trigger happy fool that he is, Jinx's eyes only widened with the fascination of a child.

Now, in Jinx's possession, is a living explosive that he can use over and over again. Dear Mar help us all.

"...Hm. Maybe I could get used ta' this shit."

And with that, he gathered up each piece and put them in his duffel bag before heading out the door for a repair shop.


Jan. 4th, 2011

Name: Kuki
Age: 18
IM: (AIM preferred)

Character name: Tommy Pickles
Series: Rugrats, seasons one through three
Timeline: Before Dill is born
Background: (Please provide a brief description of your character’s background. Things to consider here are your character’s role in canon, as well as major events in your character’s life. If you have fanon for your character, this is the place to add it. Be sure you can back it up! For the mods' sake, please put your fanon in a different color--blue is nice!)
Personality: (Please provide a brief description of your character’s personality. Things to consider here are your characters goals, motivations and ideals. How do they react to their surroundings? Are they adaptable? Rigid? Why?)
Appearance: (Please provide a brief description of your character.)
Skills/Abilities: (Please provide a brief description of your character’s skills and abilities. Keep in mind that magical skills (including healing skills) will be nullified upon entry to Vertiline, but most can be earned back.)
Spoken/Written languages: (Communicators automatically translate text, but are unable to do the same to audio.)
Items: (What items do they have on hand when pulled into Vertiline? Please note that weapons cannot be brought into Vertiline--but don’t worry. Your character will be able to find an appropriate substitute for whatever he or she is accustomed to using!)

Third person sample: (300 words or more, any situation)
First person sample: (10 sentences or more, any situation)
Once upon a time, there was a land by the name of Hyrule. It was ruled by Princess Zelda and everyone was happy. Suddenly, a man-pig named Ganondorf [Or Gonon] decided that he might as well take the Triforce like a complete boss. This screwed over every part of Hyrule from Zora's Domain to the market in front of the Temple. And by screwed up, I mean there are freaky screaming zombies all over the place. Anyway, Link used his Master Sword to time travel and save the day. Tales of this Hero of Time were passed on from generation to generation. Though, one day, some scary stuff went down in Hyrule and Link never returned probably because he didn't remember that he was even a hero in the first place. The citizens pretty much didn't do anything but try to please the gods and hope to not get screwed too badly.

Well, they were screwed pretty badly because no one knows what happened to the lot of them. On a certain island, t he adults thought that it would be awesome to make their sons wear awesome green tunics "when they came of age". Then, through some crazy twist of events, Hyrule became submerged in thousands and thousands of feet of sea. [It's kind of long, so I just won't put it here] The Temple was sealed within a giant bubble beneath the sea.

Shortly into the game, Tetra finds herself in a tree in the Forest of Fairies because of a gigantic bird. Okay, she doesn't literally find herself, Link does and saves her. ...Well, Link doesn't technically save her because she just fell out of the tree. After discovering her location and cooking up a plan for revenge, Tetra blows Link off and returns to her ship.

Link goes off somewhere to waste time get out of the forest while Tetra chats with her crew. As soon as Link gets out, he is gifted with the sight of his dear sister in the talons of the giant bird. So Link comes running over to Tetra and her crew, hoping that she gives an honest shit that Aryll was kidnapped.

She really doesn't, man. In fact, she calls him stupid and completely shoots him down for even suggesting such an idea. A few moments later, Tetra has a sudden change of heart and decides to take Link along to the Forsaken Fortress only because he saved her. Everyone climbs aboard, save for link because he has to say his goodbyes and get a shield like the weakling he is. Tetra puts Niko in charge of keeping Link under control, the little savage that he is, and she stays on the top deck while Link goes downstairs with Niko.

It doesn't take long for them to arrive at the Forsaken fortress and Tetra yells for Link to join her outside. Now, that fortress is a mighty long ways away. The only way over there is to shoot Link through a canon into a wall. Tetra pretty much just stays in the ship and uses a communication stone that Tetra had slipped into his pocket. Link fails, is flung into the open sea, and meets a talking boat without a sail just outside of Windfall Island. Tetra and her crew still remain at the Forsaken Fortress.

A very very long time into the future, we will find our pirates at a bomb shop at Windfall Island next to a restrained man and stealing his bombs. Apparently, they had bigger  and better things to do that didn't involve waiting for Link to get Aryll. Little does the crew know, but Link is spying on the pirates like a boss except not really because Tetra knows that he's there. In fact, she even commends Link for not getting killed after hitting that wall. Once again, the pirates peace out and Link goes to do hero stuff.

After Link collects some things for a while, he decides to go for a second try in saving his sister. The cool thing about this attempt is that Tetra and her pirates actually decided to show up and lend a hand. Her crew bursts the door down so Link can save the girls while Tetra keeps a close eyes on that sword. No. No, he can't be the chosen one. Impossible. So impossible that she just stops caring for the time being and just takes Aryll back to her grandmother at Outset Island.

Jan. 2nd, 2011

Long ago, on a distant planet far far away, there was a place called Sandover Haven City. It was founded by the man of legend named Jak Mar who happens to be beneath the city as we speak. That’s right; they buried him beneath the city. Anyway, time went by, as it tends to do in normal arrangements,  and people both came into power and died. Like the circle of life. The city was governed by the Haven City Council which served as something like a gofer for Baron Praxis at that time. Damas eventually came into power and was overthrown by the Baron himself who later sent him to the Wastelands to, hopefully, die.

Now the city would be ruled by both tyranny and Veger. Great, just great. Not many citizens actually wanted to stand up to Praxis because; hello he was big, scary, and would toss anyone in prison without a second thought. If anyone was actually brave enough, they would have to get through the new military police force he created called the Krimzon Guard. Those men were heavily armed and they were more than ready to shoot anyone not following the rules.

I'm looking at you for just being alive, Jak.

That was where the Underground came in. On the front lines: Tess and Torn. The two of them ran the Underground resistance like clockwork; evading the guards and collecting valuable information whenever needed or whenever possible. Tess trusted Torn and Torn…tolerated Tess’ company at best. With his love affair with ink covered pages and her knowledge in all things heavy and metal, they were unstoppable. Really, they were. Neither Tess nor Torn were ever severely injured on screen. Their goals were to take down Praxis and protect Haven or die trying. Tess was introduces to Torn’s cause only because of a little business she ran secretly at her home. He took her in only because he is a good judge of character and because he knew that she was good with a set of guns; something that the Underground would always need with all the agents getting arrested or murdered.

While I'm already going on about the members of the Underground, I should probably tell you what this thing even was. It wasn't a hole and the only dirt that could be associated with the place would be the crusted blood and mud on Tess' boots. The original Underground was located in the Slums in a small bunker in a wall. It housed Tess, Torn, and at one point Kor and Jak jsut getting ridiculous missions every other minute. Well, Tess didn't technically live there. She more than likely lived with Krew at the place of her employment. She worked as an undercover barmaid for ol' forty chins so she could get an inside look of the shit he was running with the Baron. Sig worked there as well, but he was more of a human gun than anything else. That was where all the magic happened; it was where they plotted and planned the execution of several attacks directed at the Baron. The funny thing is that the symbol of the Underground is pretty blatantly plastered on the front door for all to see. Was this Tess' brilliant plan to be so obvious that they are inadvisable? Most likely.

This happy little home was eventually abandoned for the Hip Hog Haven Saloon Naughty Ottsel when Praxis was defeated. With Krew dead, Tess was out of a job and ended up picking up her old hobby of building guns. Not that's she's complaining about never having to breathe the same air as Krew again. Anyway, this new hideout was located within the port of Haven City. Oh, wait. We don't know how Praxis was defeated. Ah-hem.

As every cloud has a silver lining Praxis did manage to keep the Metal Heads out. Good trade, huh. The citizens obviously just go into that pile with the stuff labeled Collateral Damage along with the broken down buildings. That was also the same point in time where the Dark Eco Program was developed, but this isn’t Jak’s story. So Praxis decided that it would be a brilliant idea to barter a Piercer bomb off of Krew so he could hide it in the latest shipment of eco to the Metal Heads. It was to be delivered to the Metal Head nest and detonated so it could destroy the Precursor stone so the energy within would destroy the nest. Good thing Jak was so smart and saved the day from a very dangerous thing that would both save and destroy the planet at the same time. In the end, Kor murdered Praxis and Ashelin became the governor of Haven. What a happy ending for our citizens. What about the heroes, you ask?

Continuing with the story of this hellhole, Ashelin came into power and was faced with dealing with all the leftovers from her father. She and the Underground formed a military clad in blue called the Freedom League and managed to gain very very brief control over her city. The FL eventually lost control of the Krimzon Guard Deathbots which later took over the Industrial Region. Weakened by the first attack of metal Kor, the FL didn’t stand a chance against the Metal Heads and the Death Bots. Veger took it upon himself to attack the palace and destroy Mar’s Stadium, a town, and the place where Haven gets most, if not all, of its food.

Now with the city nicely divided, Haven could be easily run by the enemy. Due to the embarrassing lack of control, Ashelin decided that it would be best to call Jak to save the day once again.

Though again, this really isn’t Jak’s story.

We’ll just cut to the chase and say that he saved the day because heroes really can’t do anything else. So now that the Freedom League was reunited, they could actually counter and defend themselves from the enemy. With Vin’s heroic sacrifice, the shields around the KG War factory were destroyed and Errol was defeated. Though, not really because he still had Metal Head assistance. Sig, Torn, and Jak managed to reach the tower leaving Tess and the Freedom League to destroy the Dark Maker ship before it blew the planet to smithereens. Long story short: Jak and Daxter found Errol and kicked his ass. The Freedom League was victorious.

…Unless you factor out the whole destroyed city part and that there were still enemies running about the land. Anyway, Haven was for the most part saved and everyone could try their hardest to live happily ever after in this place not too far in comparison with hell. The group meets up, finds out that the Precursors are ottsles and are granted wishes. Daxter wished for a sweet pair of pants. Tess, a slave to Daxter's wishes, accidentally wished for a pair of pants like his.

She was poofed to Vertiline instead.